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Gartner sets 2017 CIO Agenda: Build towards being a digital ecosystem leader

Gartner's annual survey of CIOs provides a benchmark to see not only how your budget compares to the market, but if you're spending in the right places.

What A CIO Should Know: The US$4.2M IT exec

Our roundup of chief information officer resources and links includes a salary story worth sharing, events in health care and fraud management Plus: Why CIOs use Twitter

10 IT agenda items for the first U.S. CIO

Obama's appointment of Vivek Kundra marks an important first step for rectifying the nation's concerns about IT

From backroom to big leagues – IT’s changing role in the Philippines

Over the years, IT has been perceived as a supporting organization in most companies. However, the same companies today realize that the IT department today has to be involved in making key business decisions.

The European advantage

One benefit of federalism lies in the experimentation and learning that can occur across jurisdictions, such as provinces and municipalities. Federalism allows for a positive mixing of competitive and collaborative pressures and there is little reason for this balance not to extend beyond national borders.

Leadership and the CIO

For CIOs, leadership has many facets, from building a great IT shop to leading technology innovation to supporting the organization


This pilot fish


E-Health has become crucial to the Ontario government

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