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Hashtag Trending Jun.16- Google cautions employees using AI; Postgres overtakes MySql as the leading open-source database; What do you do when your smart home...

Google tells staff to be cautious using AI. Postgres overtakes MySql as the leading open-source database.  And what do you do when your smart...

Huawei, ZTE to be banned from Canada’s 5G/4G networks

Canadian telecom providers will have to rip out any Huawei and ZTE equipment from their 4G and 5G networks without compensation, the federal government...

GSMA applies new restrictions as more companies depart MWC due to coronavirus outbreak

In lieu of more major telecom players departing MWC 2020, the GSMA has announced new restrictions for its attendees to assuage showgoers' anxiety. Last week,...

LG withdraws from MWC in fear of coronavirus

ZTE and LG pull out of MWC amidst coronavirus outbreak.

Hashtag Trending – Facebook bans Cambridge Analytica (again); Australia bans Huawei and ZTE tech from its 5G network

Facebook bans another app by Cambridge Analytica for improperly sharing information. Australia has banned Chinese telecoms Huawei and ZTE from contributing equipment to its...

Hashtag Trending – ZTE shuffles leadership team; facial recognition technology failing test run; the cost of doing business with Amazon

ZTE shakes up its leadership team. A London, England-based test run of facial recognition technology has only a two per cent success rate. And it’s a slow news day, so we get to praise the Guardian for researching Amazon’s impact on Seattle.

Hashtag Trending – Washington sues Google and Facebook; ZTE strikes deal with U.S.; Sonos’ new Alexa-enabled speaker

The state of Washington has sued Google and Facebook for allegedly not disclosing who purchased election ads. Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE’s U.S. operations officially get to stay in business. And users appear very interested in Sonos’ new Alexa-enabled smart speaker.

Hashtag Trending – IBM doesn’t want to see GDPR in the U.S.; Facebook suspends 200 apps for ‘data misuse’; Trump tweets support for ZTE

One of America’s largest tech companies is telling U.S. lawmakers it doesn’t want to see the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation matched on U.S. shores. Facebook aims to prevent another Cambridge Analytica by suspending 200 apps for potential data misuse. And Donald Trump tweets his support for Chinese smartphone maker ZTE.

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