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IBM Canada CSR leader invites Canadian non-profits to apply for IBM’s newly launched global sustainability accelerator 

IBM has launched the IBM Sustainability Accelerator to help non-profits and government organizations scale environmental solutions.

Project Debater poses strong argument in favour of AI

SAN FRANCISCO – IBM Watson blew minds when it successfully defeated human champions on Jeopardy, but compared to Project Debater, which was demonstrated at...

IBM makes Watson available in any cloud environment, boosts hybrid cloud offerings

IBM is bolstering its hybrid cloud offerings and making its AI crown jewel available on any cloud environment.

IBM Watson helps Goldcorp mine its data for value [Ingenious winner]

IBM and Goldcorp are using AI and machine learning to squeeze out every bit of gold from an Ontario mine.

AI successfully debates humans – thanks to IBM technology

IBM held a public demonstration successfully pitting its artificial intelligence technology, dubbed Project Debater, against two top-ranked debaters.

OpenText should tap Canadian talent for its AI strategy

OpenText's CEO says the firm could do more to invest in an AI brain trust. It doesn't need to look far to find that talent.

IBM Canada’s new president wants Big Blue to be your digital transformation partner

The new leader of IBM Canada is a veteran of the organization that has his sights set on the horizon. He talks about IBM's projects in blockchain, cloud, and AI.

IBM Watson lead suggests storing AI controls on blockchain

With artificial intelligence playing an ever-greater role in steering digital transformation, the global lead behind one of the world's best-known AI systems wants both developers and the companies adopting their work to ask themselves what platform they're using to steer AI. His suggestion: Blockchain.

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