Articles Related to GDPR

Analyst reacts strongly to news Oracle has ‘surveillance machine’

The case of a software giant selling personal data to a third party is troubling, Iris Akwetey, senior research analyst with Info-Tech Research said...

Avoid pitfalls of GDPR in Canada’s new privacy law, government told

With the government promising another attempt to update PIPEDA, the Canadian Marketing Association says GRPR isn't an ideal model

Austrian data regulator decision on Google Analytics raises questions

An interim decision by Austria's data regulator against Google Analytics may affect the ability of the search engine's tool to be used in European...

How to assess your organization’s privacy practices and prepare to make changes

We're beginning to see an emphasis placed on the privacy and protection of consumers in Canada with the recent tabling of Bill C-11, the Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2020. How can your business prepare for this?

EU ruling on US agreement may nudge Canada to update our privacy law: Cavoukian

Court ruling on the EU-US Data Protection Shield may affect Canada, including pushing Ottawa to update PIPEDA

Gartner says nearly half of privacy compliance technology to rely on AI by 2023

More than 40 per cent of privacy compliance technology will rely on artificial intelligence by 2023, a five per cent increase from today, according...

The Top Three Things to Look for in Fully Managed IT Services: Compliance, Continuity and Communication

Digital transformation presents many opportunities to drive business goals, but innovations like AI and cloud computing come with unique challenges. Faced with adopting a...

Canadians must avoid desensitization to data breaches and lobby for stronger penalties, cybersecurity experts say

Cybersecurity experts are worried that the increased frequency of data breaches is becoming normalized by the public, reducing the pressure on organizations that handle private data to do better.

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