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Ransomware Siege in Denmark: A European Cybersecurity Crisis Unfolds

Cybersecurity incidents of all kinds happen frequently, but one of the most extreme occurred in mid-August, when two Danish cloud hosting firms – CloudNordic...

Understanding Cybersecurity Management in DeFi (UCM-DeFi) – Blockchain Security (Article 4)

In today's digital landscape, blockchain technology has emerged as a powerful force, revolutionizing sectors like healthcare, finance, government, and commerce with its unparalleled security...

A large number of Bitcoin retail investors have suffered losses, BIS study

According to new research from one of the world’s leading central bank institutions, the Bank of International Settlements, approximately 73 to 81 percent of newfound bitcoin investors and retail Bitcoin buyers have lost money when putting their funds into the great crypto game and are likely to be in the negative on their investment (BIS).

Volume of trade between British Pound and Bitcoin hits new high

Trading volumes between the British pound and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin hit a new high after the fall in the value of the pound on Monday, suggesting investors are scrambling to dump sterling for the digital asset or profit from arbitrage, according to analysts.

Bitcoin struggles to go green as efforts record small gains

According to research from the University of Cambridge, Bitcoin’s greenhouse gas emissions are expected to be 48.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent this year, 14 per cent less than the estimated emissions for 2021.

Police arrest man accused of laundering crypto worth tens of millions

On 6 September 2022, Dutch police arrested a 39-year-old man in the village of Veenendaal on suspicion of laundering millions of euros in cryptocurrency through phishing attacks.

El Salvador’s bitcoin plans fail

A year after El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender and required all businesses to accept it, the experiment has failed due to falling cryptocurrency prices and a lack of use of the government’s Chivo e-wallet app to buy goods or send money.

Bitcoin falls below US$20,000 mark

Bitcoin has fallen below US$20,000 for the first time since mid-July, down nearly 60 per cent from its peak in 2022.

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