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Hashtag Trending Jan.24- Mother of all breaches leaks 26 billion user records; Gen Z more likely to fall for cyber scams; Humanoid robots make...

The mother of all breaches has leaked 26 billion user records, Gen Z are more likely to fall for a phishing or other cyber...

BMW brings humanoid robots in to automotive plants

In a leap towards futuristic manufacturing, BMW has begun integrating humanoid robots into its automotive production lines.

Hashtag Trending July 29 – Metaverse profit; videogames harmless in moderation; Microsoft earnings report

Meta loses money in the metaverse, video games do not harm mental health, and Microsoft releases its earnings report. That's all the tech news that’s...

AWS re:Invent 2020: First it’s products, then it’s partnerships

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been making tons of product and partnership announcements since the onset of this year's virtual AWS re:Invent.

Go for a ride in a self-driving BMW i3 at Mobile World Congress 2018

When BMW said it would be doing demos with its Level 5 self-driving car at Mobile World Congress, IT World Canada editor Brian Jackson...

Exploring the 2018 BMW M760Li’s autonomous features

Luxury used to mean leather seats, a sunroof, and a powerful engine – but times have changed.

Exploring Intel’s autonomous car – All Hands on Tech

At CES 2018, Intel revealed its self-driving car strategy through its partnership with Mobileye and BMW, and we got a first look.

2018 BMW 5 Series pushing towards automated future

Self-driving tech is permeating every category of the auto industry, and BMW has designed and developed autonomous features in house for a number of years. Those features are readily available in the BMW 5 Series, and IT World Canada got to explore it all at the Canadian International Auto Show.

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