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    The secret to reducing hiring mistakes? It’s in the metrics

    Recruitment is marketing

    The role of technologies and tools in today’s job search is enormous, and is changing the future of HR. Hiring managers are tasked with finding and recruiting top talent for their organizations and sifting through the thousands of applicants as efficiently as possible, but not without some assistance from workforce analytics and recruitment technology tools. IBM’s Smarter Workforce Institute is committed to helping organizations realize value through their people.

    Metrics impact hiring decisions, and effectiveness in metrics is linked to a decrease in hiring mistakes. That’s why companies that prioritize quality over quantity and use metrics in their recruitment process seem to be realizing the most benefit. The Institute explored which metrics organizations are using to evaluate their recruitment processes, and how those metrics impact hiring decisions.

    Along with an analytics-approach, attracting the best talent requires recruiting strategies that enable HR leaders to hire the very best. Mobile searches, social media and different search engines are paving the way for the new generation of workers, and attracting this group can’t be accomplished using traditional methods. Candidates look more favourably at organizations that accommodate their needs in the recruiting process, not just vice versa.

    The new modernized business landscape must be accompanied by a modernized recruiting process, where employee connectedness, employee experience and relationship building takes priority in any successful business operation. HR mustn’t define recruiting as a fixed concept, yet one that is fluid and dependent on the latest tools and strategies that can transform the workplace.

    To learn how to build a smarter workforce, download the white papers The secret to reducing hiring mistakes? It’s in the metrics and Recruitment is marketing: The future of talent acquisition.

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