Turning the employee experience into a competitive advantage

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Every day, organizations work to ensure employees are satisfied, motivated, and fulfilled in both their work and their workplace environment. This is no small task, especially as younger generations enter the ranks en masse, bringing with them strong expectations around work flexibility and company culture.

HR departments must work hard to keep companies running smoothly. Statistics tell of a many-sided struggle:

  • 83% of employers see attracting and retaining talent as a growing challenge (Source)
  • 76% of HR leaders consider employee onboarding a point of weakness in their company (Source)
  • 46% of HR leaders say burnout is behind up to half of their annual employee turnover (Source)

More and more, attracting and retaining top talent comes down to the experience employers provide. This factor is particularly important among Millennials and Gen Z professionals, who are less about money and more about what kind of experience an employer offers them. For example, younger employees place great importance on the manager relationship. Seventy-nine per cent of Millennials and 73 per cent of Gen Zers point to their relationship with their manager as an extremely or very important factor when deciding to remain at their current job.

Moments frequent and infrequent
HR today is about much more than acronyms and paperwork — it’s about managing human capital in all phases, from pre-hire to retire.

“We think about the moments that matter to employees during their workday — things like clocking in, managing schedules, requesting time off and getting paid,” said Kronos Canada’s Vice President and General Manager Spiros Paleologos. “And throughout an entire year or career there’s training and career development, performance reviews, benefits, and other life events right up to retirement.”

“These moments shouldn’t be huge hurdles to overcome, and thanks to advanced and integrated technology they can be simple and streamlined. Ultimately, these are the moments that lead to a great employee experience, which is a huge differentiator for organizations looking to attract high-quality talent, engage their workforce, and delight their customers each and every day.”

Search for a solution
Businesses that have gone through the process of selecting a new human capital management (HCM) solution to support decision-making and day-to-day management of their people know it is no easy task. Selecting the best solution from among so many that claim to be the best is a matter of moving to a single-minded focus on experience — from onboarding and building trust, to increasing transparency and delivering real-time feedback. In the future of work, it’s critical for organizations to enhance each experience throughout an employee’s entire journey, from pre-hire to retire, coupled with advanced workforce management technology to automate each administrative task in between.

Kronos HCM
Kronos® opens the door to the future of work, and in doing so allows companies’ HR departments to evolve from stopping the ship from sinking to making sure the ship runs full steam — transforming the employee experience into a true competitive advantage.

The unified Kronos HCM suite is built for the future while remaining intuitive and easy to use for today’s workforce. This empowers HR professionals to:

  • Work smarter by gathering key metrics, visualizing insights, and predicting workforce trends with embedded people analytics, allowing for data-driven decision-making and taking immediate action that keeps goals on track and productivity high.
  • Work your way by streamlining tasks and making possible the completion of key tasks in the fewest possible steps — from any place and on any device.
  • Work in the cloud by automating the entire employee life cycle and streamlining compliance to allow focus on strategic initiatives that support business goals.

The Kronos HCM experience helps employees and managers work inspired, simplifying tasks from applying for jobs to enrolling in benefits to managing time and tracking performance.

Is there an area where you feel your organization’s workforce has complex needs? Tell Kronos about your HCM experience, and they’ll be happy to guide you to a solution designed to meet your very specific needs.

Or maybe you would like to just navigate the HCM technology buying process first. If so, here’s a free guide to help you get started.

Watch a quick demo of the Kronos HCM Experience


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Jim Love, Chief Content Officer, IT World Canada

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