The Modern Mobile Enterprise


    The rise of mobile devices is the most significant change to business workflow, and as enterprise mobility continues to grow so does efficiency, collaboration and employee productivity in the modern enterprise. Though, the expansive mobile ecosystem brings forth challenges concerning corporate security and data protection, especially as new applications and devices grow faster than ever.

    As data becomes more difficult to safeguard, organizations must balance security with visibility through a holistic mobility framework that mitigates risk and understand the best practices for complying with regulatory standards and guidance for emerging technologies.

    A robust mobile security strategy, paired with a powerful EMM solution, helps guide IT to the right path that keeps the user in mind, and to reap the benefits of the ‘always-on’ workforce.

    That’s why leading organizations are trusting SOTI MobiControl to not only protect their existing investments in mobile technology across corporate-liable, BYOD, and line-of-business use, but as a platform for transformation that integrates emerging connected technologies to differentiate their business.

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    Mobile Security: Addressing the Evolving Threat Landscape
    There is an underlying need to understand how users interact with new technologies, and to design security frameworks and controls that respect the user experience and the user’s ‘preferred way to work’. When IT makes it easier to follow the rules than to break them, users will follow the right path.
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