Securing the healthcare enterprise

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    Securing the healthcare enterprise


    With disastrous data breaches making headlines far too often, healthcare executives need to rethink the dangers of today’s digital environment. What are the best ways to protect the business in the face of fast-evolving threats?

    Keeping one step ahead of attackers will require a combination of measures, including robust system defences, analytics to spot intruders fast and the ability to react quickly whenever an intrusion occurs. Over 75 per cent of all security incidents target a handful of industries — the healthcare industry is now ranked in the top five with finance and insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, and retail, while at the same time the value of medical identities are becoming much more lucrative on the black market.

    In the face of such a dangerous landscape, healthcare organizations are now taking additional steps to address the issue of security: implementing stronger defences, rethinking process controls and working with law enforcement to investigate intrusion attempts. But are those efforts strong enough? What are the best ways to safeguard against digital security failures? How can management be confident that the choices it is making in this regard are as effective — and cost efficient — as they can be?

    This white paper examines the long-term nature of the digital security challenge, the array of defences and practices most effective in protecting an enterprise from attack and how healthcare organizations should approach this area of concern.

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