Rebooting the Office


    Employers face not only the challenge of developing a plan to safely reopen the office. They must also begin to reimagine the future of work in this new environment.

    In short, it is time to “reboot” the office.

    The reboot will affect everything, not just physical office space, but also technology,
    people and policies. It is an opportunity to make the workplace better.

    No one has all the answers in these uncertain times. Our goal is to raise key considerations and provide some insights to help as you enter this next phase of the crisis.

    Deciding when (or whether) to reopen the office
    When is the right time to start moving back to the office? Clearly, any consideration
    is dependent on the health of the community and any local restrictions in place. But,
    just because you can reopen, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

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