Platinum-level security in the speed era

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Speed kills. Some have traced this short expression back to the 1960s. Although it was generally used in reference to driving too fast, members of the drug culture had their own idea as to what it meant. Today, however, “speed kills” means something else entirely, at least when it comes to cyber security.

In 2017 malware and zero-day attacks can do irreparable damage to targets in mere seconds or minutes. Speed kills, especially when you consider that a company suffering from a lack of meaningful forensic data can take days, weeks, or even months to discover that their defenses have been breached and then to make a full recovery.

An evolving threat

The threat landscape is changing rapidly. While in the past it might have been enough for a company to use a robust antivirus solution, the hacking “industry” has metastasized, and by 2019 cybercrime will be costing companies more than $2 trillion worldwide. Hackers are a craftier breed now, and are working more quickly and efficiently through the use of zero-day exploits and ransomware. To say antivirus products are struggling to keep up is a vast understatement.

The thinking around cyber security needs to change. Companies have to stop seeing users only in the context of the network they belong to. The old hold-the-fort method, which seeks to bolster security on a layer basis — ignoring attacks of breadth entirely — is passé, which is to say it’s slow, unintelligent, and can be fatal to a company.

Access to powerful cloud applications has empowered IT organizations and individuals. However, by interacting with cloud services that effectively bypass the security controls an organization has in place, users have become fat, juicy targets. Companies whose IT resources were already under strain by traditional threats are now finding it nearly impossible to cope. Add in the speed factor — that today’s hacker can work at lightning speed — and you’re talking about a critical need for all-bases, all-in-one security.

Efficient, fast & protected

“Cloud is a part of the fabric now,” says Vice President and GM of the Symantec Corporation Ajay Sood. “Specific security controls must be in place to protect data in the world of cloud. The fact that Symantec’s advanced security solution anticipates what is needed in order to secure critical data in a cloud world, and to do it speedily and efficiently, is a real game breaker.”

Even setting aside the real and measurable benefits of a more efficient “360” approach to security, there is the cost factor: that companies taking such an approach can save up to 55 per cent on costs associated with data breaches, and that by avoiding prolonged breach investigations they can resolve incidents up to 75 per cent faster.

Symantec gears its advanced security solution to companies that require multiple product functionality but want to avoid the associated overhead of such an approach. Symantec can offer maximum protection no matter what the computing environment:

  • Advanced web & cloud security
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Management of encrypted traffic
  • Rapid response to security incidents
  • Optimization of network performance
  • Empowerment of cloud security

“Unlike many other security solution providers, Symantec grows with companies in a natural and logical way,” says Sood. “It maps directly to a company’s size and cloud consumption, and as such provides IT groups with a fast, effective, and cost-effective solution for securing transactions and critical data in the cloud.”

Find out more about Symantec’s advanced security solution by clicking here.


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