On March 12, VCE Redefines Simplicity Again

    Featured VCE Speakers


    Praveen Akkiraju
    Chief Executive Officer


    Todd J. Pavone
    Executive Vice President of Product Development and Strategy


    Trey Layton
    VP, Global CTO

    Join us for a webcast and live Q&A

    Simplicity. At VCE, it’s the core driver behind everything we do. VCE pioneered the concept of converged infrastructure with the belief that we could eliminate IT silos and streamline tangled datacenters through simplicity. In the process, we’ve helped more than 1000 customers transform their IT environments to become more agile, more reliable, and far more cost-effective.

    By delivering on the promise of converged infrastructure, VCE has defined a new marketplace and revolutionized IT. Now we’re about to do it again.

    Simplicity.Next is the next stage in the VCE revolution, offering even more solutions for a rapidly changing world with scale and speed.

    Register for our March 12 Simplicity.Next launch event and hear from VCE CEO Praveen Akkiraju, Executive Vice President of Product Development and Strategy Todd Pavone, and VP, Global CTO Trey Layton as we unveil the next generation of VCE innovations.

    Get ready for power to do more of what your company does best, simply and efficiently.

      REGISTER NOW – Thursday, 12 March 2015 – Broadcasts in 3 Regions  

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