Marketers Pleased with IBM Watson’s Easy Analytics


    When IBM offered marketing professionals complementary demos, the response was extremely positive. Hear what leading marketing professionals have to say about the value, ease of use, and potential Watson Analytics has to offer.

    Watson equals potential.

    In this clip, Randstad’s marketing director,Spiro Papanicolaou discusses what he sees as the potential that IBM Watson has for marketing – from easier access to data through to the ability to made better decisions and perform predictive analytics for clients.

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    Three Key Features of Watson Analytics

    In this video clip, Karla Congson, CMO of Dundee Financial highlights why and how IBM Watson delivers on three critical features: powerful visualization, speed to insight, and ease of natural language. By delivering on all three, IBM Watson puts the power of analytics in the hands of the ‘many’, empowering informed decision making and predictive analytics.

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