Data Integrity and TeraGo

    Manage your AIX workloads from the cloud: Data Integrity Launches AIX Cloud


    If you’re like most mobile users in this day and age, chances are you’re using the cloud for many of your daily rituals – even if you don’t know it. The omnipresence of the ‘cloud’ has a heavy impact on the changing business landscape and has become essential in building any IT roadmap.

    Global businesses especially can reap the rewards of an enterprise-class open standards operating system. But accelerating your enterprise infrastructure isn’t a walk in the park. It requires the right arsenal to achieve a productive and efficient IT environment.

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    Cloud Comes to AIX: Efficiency, Productivity, and Performance

    Enter IBM’s AIX and Power Technology – a Canadian service offering that allows organizations to manage their AIX workloads from the cloud. Launched by Data Integrity, one of IBM Canada’s key Power-AIX systems partners, and TeraGo Inc. – the solution gives birth to a new way to solve cloud challenges.

    The duo also reassures Canadian enterprises that their data privacy and management will be subject to Canadian regulations.

    Providing a unique and agile solution offering to their customers is what the organizations hope to accomplish as well as revolutionizing the traditional on-premise method that takes a toll on an organization’s budget, resources and growth.

    For more information on the latest innovation, read how IDC views AIX in a Cloud environment, and Data Integrity’s new AIX Cloud offering: IDC Technology Spotlight – Cloud Comes to AIX: Efficiency, Productivity, and Performance.

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