Making the most of e-waste

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Dusty shelves stacked with tablets and boxes filled with outdated smartphones: there’s nothing uncommon about these ghosts of technology past. The only oddity – especially in an economy that encourages the frequent disposal of digital tools – is that very few businesses know how to discard their end-of-life electronics in a way that protects their data and sometimes even turns a profit.

The Negative Impact of Old Technology

An organization might have many reasons for wanting to upgrade, but in most cases productivity is key. In fact, over 50 per cent of the 900 plus professionals participating in a 2019 survey said outdated technology had at least a moderate effect on their productivity. Almost one in six said it had a major effect.

From Obstacle to Opportunity

Astute business leaders understand the need for up-to-date technology, but there’s more to discarding old smartphones and tablets than tossing them in the nearest trash bin. Upgrading technology presents largely unrealized opportunities to increase revenues, protect sensitive information and safeguard the planet.

  • Defray costs – Consider the old saying about one person’s trash being another person’s treasure. Although a 2nd generation IPad may seem obsolete, it could well have value to someone. Realizing that value is a way to defray the costs of new technologies.
  • Preserve the environment – Tech upgrades are just one cost of keeping pace with competitors. But who says disposing of old equipment has to be something that damages the environment? There are many reasons to look for an eco-friendly partner when it comes time to discard old digital devices. For one thing, most companies care about reducing harm to the environment and want to set a good example. For another, their employees – an increasingly valuable commodity – prefer to work for companies that demonstrate good environmental stewardship.
  • Protect data – It would be foolish of a company to throw outmoded devices into the nearest dumpster. Likely the most important quality smart companies look for in an equipment disposal partner is respect for the value of data, and for a commitment to do everything necessary to ensure any data residing on old equipment is completely wiped and unrecoverable.

Some companies are so alert to the dangers in unprotected data that they postpone decisions about what to do with e-waste, choosing instead to consign their old devices to company closets and storage rooms. Not only does this negate the opportunity to profit from resale, but it also relegates data-laden devices to areas that are generally unsecured.

Why trust GoRecell?

Some businesses are set up to dispose of unwanted equipment in an affordable manner. Others focus on security, offering their clients peace of mind in knowing that old equipment has been wiped completely of all data.

GoRecell offers both security and value, assuring that data will be completely erased and that companies get top dollar for their discarded tech.

GoRecell offers more than just assurance. It also offers the ironclad guarantee of a data wipe certificate, plus an option to employ an extreme data wipe — an extra measure of security on top of the ironclad guarantee.

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Jim Love, Chief Content Officer, IT World Canada

Sponsored By: GoRecell

Steve Proctor
Steve Proctor
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