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We’re just getting started with AI opportunities: Leverton

Published: February 8th, 2018 By: Glenn Weir

Cogeco Peer 1

Artificial intelligence will be an important enabler of business, embedded at every level, but not much of a  “thing unto itself,”  says Jaime Leverton, General Manager & Vice President, Canada & Asia Pacific, Cogeco Peer 1.

In a video interview about the challenges and opportunities of AI, she says she sees broad acceptance of “AI as a tool” in the business community, especially when it comes to the value and power of data.

“And we’re just getting started…” she tells ITWC vice president of communications and marketing Steve Proctor.

In the interview, filmed at Technicity 2017, Leverton emphasizes the importance of inclusivity. She says there needs to be a  renewed focus on education to prepare the next generation to become part of the workforce and able to participate fully in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that will serve as the backbone of the future.