Is your printing environment protected? HP provides best practices for securing your network printer


    Printers these days are sophisticated pieces of technology that are at the heart of an organization’s IT environment. But the more technologically sophisticated printers get, the more they are vulnerable to attack. Even with the amount of data breaches organizations face every day, company’s often overlook their print security and then suffer from the backlash of their sensitive data made public knowledge.

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    Since there are a multitude of print devices in a single IT environment that are oftentimes used without proper safeguards by staff, the likelihood of printers being susceptible to hacker attacks are similar to that of PCs. Organizations need to prepare themselves on how to combat printer-related attacks and the ramifications of not securing their network printers.

    HP takes printer security seriously again with their print management solutions. HP is determined to help businesses suffering from a weak print security strategy strengthen their printer performance with aid from knowledge-building whitepapers, IDC reports, infographics and videos. By providing a hub that answers questions pertinent to Canadian organizations – including how to optimize paper and digital workflows, why a document strategy is important and how to create the right print security strategy for your business – HP is reinventing what it means to print in the 21st century.

    To secure your printer from unauthorized access, strengthen your security and gain better business outcomes, click here.

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