Improving data security



    Data Anywhere, Anytime

    Employees today can access workplace data from virtually anywhere, often in the palm of their hands, blurring the secured network borders of the organization. Due to this increased ease of admittance, superior precautions must be taken to ensure data security beyond standard user provisioning and passwords.

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    Strengthen security with intelligent identity and access management


    Now, a people-centric approach is required to securing network data. It’s not enough to only be vigilant over who gets access to data; knowing what the users do with data after it’s accessed is of high significance in today’s world. With this approach an organization can minimize risks to their data security and better defend against threats across the enterprise, from mainframe to smart phone

    It’s Not Only Employees

    The business environment necessitates data sharing with a wide group of people beyond employees, such as: contractors, customers, partners, and suppliers. These diverse users access data via secured networks, the cloud, and the Web, making the task of data security daunting. Without knowing how data is used once it is accessed, the organization is left with a large blind spot. Providing strong gate keeping to secured data is the first step, but more management capabilities are needed once your data is in user’s hands.

    Security Solutions

    To secure your data enterprise-wide requires a depth of knowledge of the current network security climate and best practices that stay ahead of the curve. With a long track record of data protection innovations, IBM Security solutions has the tools and expertise to safeguard your data while it’s in your secured network—and when it leaves.

    IBM offers an integrated approach, combining solutions such as strong user authentication, single sign-on access, user monitoring, and reporting, along with methods for advanced threat awareness, policy management, and user training. A multi-tiered strategy like this is the essential way to secure the modern network, while implementing policies and enforcing governance rules.


    Multi-perimeter Security

    IBM Security solutions improve your current data protection efforts and provide a strategic foundation for long-term success. When used in conjunction with the entire IBM Security portfolio, these tools provide robust security that can reduce cost and risks in the multi-perimeter world.

    They include:

    • Enhanced identity and access control, for both internal and external users, that provides heightened protection over attacks and security breaches due to unauthorized access and identity fraud, utilizing IBM Security Qradar® real-time monitoring.
    • Centralized user provisioning, management, and analytics for business managers with a single point of control over secured data access, and direct reporting, audits, and analytics.
    • Specialized data protection for mobile device access.
    • Single sign-ons and biometric identity confirmations.


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