Driving stronger customer relationships with collaboration technology


    When customers call for support, they expect their issues to be handled – efficiently. With today’s collaboration technologies you can create an effective, efficient and knowledgeable contact centres that not only meet — but exceed — customers’ needs. Cisco provides organizations with scalable solutions that integrate voice, video, and web; social-media monitoring; and on-demand access to experts – and enable provide customers the support they need, when they need it, and build stronger relationships.

    Create the foundation for great customer service and enhanced customer relationships:

    • Connect customers with the information, expertise and support they need, when and where they need it.
    • Escape the reactive mode of traditional call centres to engage with customers pro-actively.
    • Promote true customer intimacy, satisfaction and loyalty.
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    Cisco Xperience Packs

    Provide multi-channel customer service
    Enhance customer service to create more interactive and collaborative relationships. Cisco Customer Collaboration solutions extend traditional contact center technologies with integrated voice, video, and web; social-media monitoring; and on-demand access to experts.

    • Give customers multiple communication channels to use, including email, web chat, voice, voice callback and video.
    • Provide contact center agents with a single, customizable interface that provides quick and easy access to multiple assets and information sources.
    • Monitor social networks in real time to enable customer reps to respond pro-actively and directly.
    • Route all channels through a core engine so customers are always directed to the best matched representative.

    Locate and access remote experts
    Facilitate in-person interaction. Identify, locate and connect with experts when and where you need them to share expertise quickly and directly using high quality audio and video.

    • Match a customer’s needs to an agent with the right attributes and proficiencies.
    • Interact with experts instantly in a personalized, easy-touse, virtualized face-to-face environment.
    • Connect customers with agents over high-definition video no matter where in the world the agent/expert happens to be.
    • Create a virtual pool of experts and specialists, whether co-located in particular centres or dispersed across a global network.

    What’s in a Customer Collaboration Xperience Pack?

    The Cisco Customer Collaboration Xperience Pack includes everything you need to evaluate how your organization can benefit from the ability to turn simple phone transactions into rich collaboration experiences that improve customer satisfaction.

    Take advantage of other Cisco Collaboration Xperience Packs:
    Jabber – Gives employees the power to collaborate inside and outside the organization … quickly and effectively engage subject matter experts … without the cost of replacing your existing telephony system.
    TelePresence – Transforms the way workers communicate and collaborate inside the organization, and with customers and partners.
    Customer Collaboration – Extends traditional contact center technologies with integrated voice, video and web; social media monitoring; and on-demand access to experts.
    Full Collaboration – A rich, full collaboration infrastructure empowers people to work anywhere, on any device – transforming business, accelerating innovation and doing more with less.

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