Application Performance Management and Proactive IT Monitoring

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    Proactive IT Monitoring: Pivotal to IT agility and superior customer experience

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    Can Application Performance Management meet the challenges of User Experience in the Application Economy?

    New standards of performance require new ways of measuring. Do your measurement systems stand up to these new challenges?

    With the potential to drive customer experience ‘off the charts’, today’s multichannel applications are the new ultimate battleground for businesses. It’s a battle that will be lost without the right technology.

    Like never before, applications that fail or which are not current and those that don’t work the way intended will disappoint customers and adversely impact financial results and brand reputation.

    Keeping applications up to date and ensuring complaints are quickly resolved is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing application performance. Issues stem from a variety of areas—legacy systems, big data, the cloud, and support for devices of every kind. All of these result in complexity and hamper agility.

    While many organizations have adopted application performance monitoring systems, effective management is increasingly difficult, especially considering the sheer volume of applications and services. So how can IT breakthrough the complexity and provide the right IT infrastructure elements to deliver on customer expectations?

    That’s the question addressed in these two important upcoming webinars. Join Jim Love, CIO, IT World Canada and guests to find out how Application Performance Management and IT Monitoring are being transformed and what that means for you.

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