Achieving paperless power

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Almost all organizations are going — or more likely have already gone — digital. The hoopla around new tech like mobile, cloud, IoT and AI has reached a fever pitch. Some new technologies, however, have been flying under the radar — scanning tech, for example.

imageFORMULA DR-C230 Document Scanner

Scanners have come a very long way in recent years. They can now help us not only scan documents but also become more productive, more compliant and secure, and better able to serve clients and customers.

Perhaps your organization has already invested heavily in print and scanning. Or maybe your company is still on print and scanning tech that was all the rage during the Reagan Administration. In any case, you probably share the dream of untold thousands of digital enterprises worldwide of gaining true paperless power — and by achieving a 100 per cent paperless office, blasting your DX efforts into orbit.

Paperless challenges
Unfortunately, wanting to go paperless — and even formally expressing it as a company and dedicating resources to that very end — isn’t the same thing as actually achieving a paperless office. The reasons for this are many, but a couple in particular do stand out:

  • Your people don’t want to change. Most people are used to paper. They may not like it, but they’re familiar with it, and in this familiarity is comfort and an aversion to change. This aversion can stick even if you present them with dozens of good reasons why going paperless is a good thing, how it will help both them in their work and the organization in general.
  • Your people don’t have the skills (or don’t think they do). Tied, perhaps, to people’s reluctance to change is their real or perceived lack of the skills required to make the paperless office happen. All too often, this comes down to a catch-22: people don’t want to use new scanning tech because they don’t know how to use it (irony being they wouldn’t mind using it if, in a spiri … openness, they learned how to use it).

Pain … reward
The journey toward a paperless office is not a painless one. But it’s worthwhile, and offers organizations huge potential gains, chiefly in areas like customer service and value delivery, and overall office efficiency — from the individual level all the way to the organizational level.

Saying the journey is expensive or costly doesn’t hold weight as the alternative to going paperless, or at least to optimizing printing and scanning, is an inefficient use of resources, reduced operational efficiency, and, potentially, security vulnerabilities.

Dynamic and user-friendly scanning solution
Canon’s imageFORMULA DR-C230 offers many intriguing benefits, including:

  • Up to 30 page scans per minute — both sides in a single pass1
  • Can scan a wide variety of documents — oversized, plastic-embossed cards, even passports and fragile documents with the optional carrier sheet
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Bundled with both Canon CaptureOnTouch and Canon CapturePerfect software — allows for direct scan to third-party (Microsoft®, SharePoint®, Dropbox, SugarSync, Google Drive™, OneDrive) cloud applications2
  • Comes standard with a three-year manufacturing warranty
  • Other features include: Auto colour detection; auto page size detection; de-skew; double-feed detection; skip blank page; text enhancement; and text orientation recognition

1 Example based on typical settings, rated in pages / images per minute with letter-sized documents at 200 dpi portrait feeding directions. Actual processing speeds may vary based on PC performance, document type and application.
2 Subscription to a third-party cloud service required. Subject to third-party cloud service providers’ terms and conditions.

With the launch of the DR-C230, Canon brings organizations that much closer to the paperless office. Find out more about the DR-C230.


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