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CES 2023: Do your hybrid meetings need an upgrade?

Are your hybrid meetings boring? Do the remote participants sometimes feel disconnected or ignored? We accepted these limitations during the pandemic because we all...

It just became that much easier to go paperless

The term “paperless” has been around since the 1960s. You might think that 60 years would be ample time for companies to embrace the...

Achieving paperless power

Almost all organizations are going — or more likely have already gone — digital. The hoopla around new tech like mobile, cloud, IoT and...

New cloud software aims to slash paper usage

Canon has created a portal that allows customers to access Google Docs and Microsoft SharePoint files directly on the multifunctional printer panel. Plus, insight from Forrester and Gartner analysts

Canon makes security a printing priority

Printing and Imaging company Canon has released its new UniFLOWS v5, addressing enterprise security concerns

IBM leads year of record patent approvals

IBM Corp. was awarded a record number of U.S. patents in 2006, a year that saw the most patents awarded ever, according to a study.

Advances in imaging technology a visual feast

New flat-panel displays and televisions that leave LCD and plasma in the digital dust, colour matching software that can replicate electronic images in strikingly true colours under any sort of lighting, and collaborative technologies that allow images to be manipulated on a screen with a mere hand gesture.

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