• Whitman in, Apotheker out at HP

    Hewlett–Packard’s increasingly rattled board of directors fired ex–SAP CEO Leo Apotheker after only 11 months at the helm, appointing former eBay CEO and California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman to replace him.

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  • Better battery life with Ivy Bridge

    Intel claimed its new Ivy Bridge microarchitecture will result in laptops with a longer battery life and better–performing graphics as soon as next year.

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  • CRTC announces vertical integration decision

    Canada’s broadcast and telecom watchdog ruled that vertically integrated telecom/broadcast companies can’t make their TV shows exclusive online or mobile content. The CRTC specifically cited hockey games as one form of content that must be made available to other providers. How Canadian.

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  • Healthy mobile startups

    Mobile startups at Demo Fall in Santa Clara, Calif., pushed health related apps like LumoBack, which lets users know if their posture is sagging, as CTO Andrew Chang demonstrates.

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  • Is Google biased?

    U.S. senators grilled Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt over the integrity of the engine’s search results, saying shopping results and Google’s own services rank higher than they should.

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  • Bell beats Rogers to LTE in Toronto

    When Rogers announced a launch date of Sept. 28 for its 4G wireless LTE service in Toronto, someone at Bell Mobility must have got a chuckle. Bell launched and announced its Toronto–area service on USB “turbo sticks” two weeks before Rogers.

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  • Solar–powered CPU

    Intel demoed a concept processor that could run a PC solely on sunlight. Code–named Claremont, it drops power consumption to under 10 milliwatts, low enough to be powered by a solar cell the size of a postage stamp.

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