• RIM launches new BlackBerrys

    For the first time in a year, Research in Motion Ltd. refreshed its smart phone line, with two new versions of the BlackBerry Bold and three new Torches. They’re the first to run BlackBerry OS 7.

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  • Their five-year mission …

    McAfee reported that a massive worldwide hacking operation had compromised 72 private and government organizations, including four in Canada, over the course of five years, beginning in 2006.

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  • Does the Mac have a security edge?

    At the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Alex Stamos of iSec Partners pondered whether the Apple platform stands up better than Windows to advanced persistent threats. While it’s better protected in the initial phases of the attack, once you’re in OSX, “you’re toast,” he said.

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  • Graphic history

    Can you be a true gearhead without visiting the Kharkov Graphic Card Museum in Ukraine? Probably. But if you are that manner of completist, the Kharkov is home to more than 200 graphics cards.

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  • Bug bounty

    Facebook will pay hackers $500 per security vulnerability found, as long as it’s reported to the Facebook security team first, chief security officer Joe Sullivan announced. Those who discover serious security holes will get more.

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  • Robo-nurse

    RIBA–II, developed at a research centre in Nagoya, Japan, has powerful motors in its hips and advanced feedback sensors making it capable of lifting a patient from the ground. RIBA — which stands for Robot for Interactive Body Assistance — is being developed for use in assisted care facilities.

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