• It’s not about the brand

    IDC Canada analyst Tony Olvet warned IT leaders to make sure they avoid choosing a particular device as the starting point for their mobility strategy. Instead, organizations need to “forecast their workforce” and determine what devices and apps will work best with specific business needs. Progressive organizations that are willing to review, test and pilot their mobility plans will get ahead, he added.

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  • Tablets need another three years to grow up

    By 2014, media tablet adoption among businesses will be in full bloom, according to IDC Canada’s digital media analyst Krista Napier. The only hang-up right now, she said, is the development of apps that will expand the form factor beyond a content consumption device. Napier listed her optimal tablet price at $391.

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  • Psychic apps?

    IBM Canada’s mobile applications expert Alon Kronenberg warned conference attendees that mobile apps shouldn’t be considered simply an “extension of the Internet.” The key for businesses creating internal or external facing apps, he said, is making them “content aware” as opposed to simply “location aware.” This means apps should not only determine where your employee or customer is, but also give insights into their “state of mind.”

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  • Smart phones used to be so much simpler

    A few years ago, when the developers at Research In Motion built a product, the company asked itself what the product does for the end user, what it does for the CIO and what it does for the IT department. “Now we look at what’s in it for the marketing lead, the compliance officer, the sales guys…” said Alec Taylor, a vice-president of platform product marketing at RIM.

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  • Apps should last long because the phones won’t

    Once you open up an environment to mobility and bring apps to your employees, “it’s never going to end,” said John Ramsell, vice-president of enterprise mobility at SAP. To cope, he said, organizations need to work toward building “timeless” apps that live long enough to run on three to five handsets or tablets during its lifecyle.

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