Three telecom issues stranded by government defeat

The budget wasn’t the only thing that died when the election was called.

Read about the big telecom-related issues that have also been stepped over and why they’re important.

Clement mum on Tory digital strategy details

The Conservative government was only weeks away from releasing its digital strategy when the election was called, said Industry Minister Tony Clement. But he wouldn’t say if it will come out during the campaign instead.

Liberal platform highlights digital technologies

The Liberals released a full platform including a digital strategy.

However, they’re silent on a key issue, how they’d structure the upcoming wireless spectrum auction.

Tories holding back digital strategy

The Conservatives released their platform on April 6, promising only to reveal their digital strategy if they’re re-elected.

NDP digital platform leaves unanswered questions

The New Democratic Party platform promises to enshrine the principle of Internet neutrality in law end price gouging by Internet providers ande prohibit them from imposing any form of usage-based billing as part of its digital economy policies However, there’s a lot left to be explained.

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