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  • Cloud Computing and the future of the IT department

    IBM Canada distinguished engineer Tom Wheatley explores the trend towards cloud computing and imagines how it will change the role of CIOs and IT managers in Canadian enterprises.
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  • In Conversation: Jonathan Day-Reiner

    The director of IT operations for online marketing firm 80/20 Solutions discusses why his company shifted its infrastructure to the cloud. With ComputerWorld Canada Editor Dave Webb
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  • Own the podium’s path to the cloud

    IT manager Jason Cox describes how the cloud helps Canadian Olympic athletes and their coaches win Gold.
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  • Microsoft’s National Technology Officer talks cloud

    John Weigelt, national technology officer at Microsoft Canada, highlights the company’s cloud strategy and speaks of partner opportunities there as well.
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  • The Wire: HP to offer public cloud service

    At HP Summit 2011 in San Francisco, CEO Leo Apotheker tells analysts the company is focusing on the cloud. The company will also open a marketplace for applications and cloud-based services for enterprises, small businesses and consumers.
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  • Centrilogic CEO on the business case for cloud computing

    Robert Offley talks to Network World Canada about why customers are turning to his firm for help with setting up ondemand IT infrastructure.
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