• Okay, I’m only in disagreement on one of these. The wind shielding on the cell phone would actually work for those of us poor idiots who constantly have the thing welded to our ears in our out of the office. I’d consider it a gift to those who have to listen to the awful noise of the wind. Now if they just had something for those peope who do the heavy breathing on their handset in conference calls.

    My favourite? Your comment on Skreens TV. I think great advice for many of these is that if you think you need them – go for a walk.

    Are you sure the curved cell phone is a feature or did the guy in the booth just have it in his back pocket? I’m not at all sure why a curved phone was anyone’s big idea.

    But I reserve my total agreement for the TREWGrip monstrosity. Want a keyboard? Get a BlackBerry. But if that’s a winner at CES – that’s just sad.

  • DillyDally

    I regularly watch 5 things on TV at once if watching by myself so the Skreens looks like heaven.

  • Azim

    None impressed me ……….. Is this best we can do with all that technology!