Cloud and virtualization company VMware Inc. has issued a beta refresh of its virtual storage area network which enhances the performance and adds new features to VSAN.

The release is available for free download from VMware’s Web site.

Before the enhancement, a VSAN disk group could contain a single SSD and up six HHDs.

VMware decided to alter the capacity because many servers come with eight slots. The new beta release can now carry one SSD and up to seven HDDs.

VSAN fully integrates with VMware’s vSphere. It automatically aggregates server disks in a cluster to create shared storage that can be rapidly provisioned from vCentre during the creation of virtual machines.

VMware also added more commands to the Ruby Virtual Console, which allows for in-depth analysis of a VSAN cluster’s performance. Users can now also automate management tasks using VMware’s command line tool PowerCLI.

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