Swedish mobile operator TeliaSonera International Carrier Inc. (TSIC) announced it has completed a major North American expansion which adds some 18,400 kilometres of fibre to its global network and open connections to South America as well. The announcement  follows TSIC’s recent roll out of a Point-of-Presence (PoP) in Toronto earlier this year.

With its latest expansion, TSIC will be able to extend its reach to 44 U.S. cities by the end of December this year.

“Today’s end users want everything, anywhere, instantly,” said Erik Hallberg, president of TSIC in a statement yesterday. “This expansion is about supporting that and the increasing interest for our offering in the Americas.”

He said it was the company’s largest network build-out in the continent since its first U.S. fibre investment in 2000.

The network expansion will also allow TSIC to offer services to South American customers where the company is seeking to build a bigger presence, according to Ivo Pascucci, sales director for the Americas at TSIC.

In May this year, TSIC opened its first PoP in Canada in the Cologix 151 Front Street data centre in Toronto. The PoP links to  New York and Chicago.

TSIC has more than 200 PoPs around the world and its IP network serve 345 million users globally.