A new platform from SweetLabs represents the company’s further move away from Windows desktops and into the mobile app recommendation market

Titled simply “App Install Platform,” SweetLabs’ new offering builds on the success of its earlier “Pokki” lightweight app store and Start Menu replacement, which was originally builot for Windows. A report by TechCrunch notes that the app recommendation market is booming right now, and that the SweetApps foray aims to bring device manufacturers in.

TechCrunch defines AIP as a toolset that enables OEMs to change what apps pre-load on their devices remotely, so that the boot process can be tailored to device type, location and so forth. This means that the apps that are either pre-installed, or recommended during the first-boot process can be switched out based on install rates, lifetime revenue, and so forth.

SweetLabs will charge AIP customers on a SaaS basis, enticing consumers with the prospect that the new platform will lighten the app load on their mobile devices. “If SweetLabs can help OEMs better tailor app recommendations, it could cut down some of the bloat that new devices currently experience,” TechCrunch reports.

SweetLabs has added analytics so OEMs can figure out the performance of their app recommendation mix, so that they can swap out apps that are being served at different touch points on their devices around the world. The platform should start shipping on devices by the end of 2014, SweetLabs says.