Microsoft has apparently quietly released a fix for a questionable firmware update for Surface Pro 2 tablets some said caused havoc with the devices.

The firmware updated was pushed out Saturday – but it seems only went to those who installed a December 2012 Windows Update that caused the problem. Those who didn’t install that update, it seems weren’t notified of the fix.

The situation was outlined in a number of stories around the world.

When Microsoft got into the tablet market with its Surface devices, business users were in a quandary: On the one hand, the Surface RT wasn’t unreasonably priced – but it came with the Windows RT operating system so could only run RT apps.

On the other hand the more powerful Surface Pro devices that ran the full version of Windows 8 were significantly more expensive. Sales are behind expectations. The recently released Surface Pro 2 tablet was supposed to address that.

However, after the December 2013 firmware update was released by Microsoft [Nasdaq: MSFT], some users complained their batteries suddenly lost performance and their devices went in and out of sleep mode.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 Web site doesn’t list a January fix, only the controversial December update – which promised improved system stability. According to at least one report that caused confusion from some owners who wondered when they would get the latest fix.

But it would seem the fix was only received by those who installed the December update.

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