Remote work is here for the long haul. Even one of the world’s most paper-dominated industries is getting cozy with going digital. The Supreme Court of Canada held its annual meeting recently and confirmed it was going to hold its upcoming four cases in June virtually. But how do Canadian workers really feel about remote work? And what does it mean for the broader Canadian workforce?

LinkedIn’s annual Workforce Confidence Index, which polled more than 2,000 professionals across Canada, suggests that people are staying productive while working remotely. Nearly 60 per cent of respondents said they could remain effective while working remotely, and 52 per cent reported that was also true across the industry. Other key findings from the third edition, which is based on a biweekly survey from April 13 to 19 and April 27 to May 3, include:

  • Canada’s overall Workforce Confidence Index score went up a bit in recent weeks.
  • The bigger the company, the easier the transition. People working for enterprises (10,000+ employees) were more likely to say they were effective while working from home (68 per cent), compared to those at mid-market companies (62 per cent) and those employed at small businesses (61 per cent).