In the last few years changes have been coming very rapidly in the automotive industry.
Vehicle design, manufacture and supply chain processes have gone through substantial modifications and automotive telematics will emerge as one of the key sources of mapping, environmental and social data that will play a vital role in reshaping cities, according to a recent article in the online networking publication,

For instance, the Ford Motor Co. believes the use of big data and analytics inside and outside vehicles will be the next battleground for innovation in the industry.

The company said that many of the latest innovations it has come up with using big data concern eco-friendly designs and enabling users to better align their car ownership with their current sustainable philosophies.

Among the areas touched by analytics, data scientists and computer modelers are:

Fuel economy – Ford has developed a science-based model that can project the CO2 emissions of vehicles on the for the next 50 years helping the company set fuel economy targets

Customer value – Ford uses tools like the Ford Fleet Purchase Planner. The analytical system helps fleet customers match their vehicle choice to their needs taking into account fuel economy and carbon emissions

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