Here’s some good news for BlackBerry Ltd.

Ford Motor Co. is reportedly preparing to dump Microsoft Corp.’s Windows and adopt the Canadian firm’s QNX system to power the next generation of Ford’s Sync automobile technology system.

America’s second largest car manufacturer has more than seven million vehicles currently using Microsoft’s voice-activated and touch-enabled software to allow users to make mobile phone calls and play music. But a report from online financial publication said sources who asked not to be identified indicated that Ford wants to switch to BlackBerry’s less expensive QNX.

The source said QNX will also improve the flexibility and speed of Sync. This may help the company address customer complaints about the malfunctioning Sync system which has hurt Ford in recent consumer report surveys.

If such a move materializes, it would be a big vote of confidence for QNX and BlackBerry (TSE:BB) which has been struggling to regain relevance in the mobile market, according to Thilo Koslowski, auto analyst for research firm Gartner Inc.

“This is really the crown jewel in BlackBerry’s crown and could make the rest of the company shine as well,” he said.

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