If you’ve wondered how data analytics can support your digital transformation initiatives, consider embracing continuous intelligence.

Some organizations continuously generate insights from data analytics to drive advantage at the speed of the business. Continuous intelligence is an architectural approach that integrates, aggregates, and analyzes streaming data to inform business-critical, operational decisions.

A new report from TDWI.org says continuous intelligence focuses on these capabilities that support digital transformation:

  1. Integrate streaming and contextual data.
  2. Use algorithms, not just queries, to analyze data.
  3. Operate with continuous data analytics to create forecasts for continuous insights.
  4. Focus on data, not queries.
  5. Include enough data to recognize how changes in one part of the business will create impacts in another part.

COVID-19 has revealed several ways continuous intelligence could prove useful. Many organizations have data lying dormant in storage somewhere, but few can use that data to drive business decisions in a timely manner. Navigating unpredictable economic waters with the help of rapid data calculations, and drawing data from integrators, data stewards and BI developers, all the way down to the consumer, are becoming common practices for many businesses. [Report requires registration]