Working on the easy stuff first can help IT admins tackle the more serious issues better when it comes to mapping out a Windows Server 2003 migration plan.

In assessing a Windows Server 2003 migration plan sort out your “easy and hard list” first, says Orin Thomas, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) who has writer no less than 30 books for the Microsoft IT Press.

In a recent blog, he suggests that for practicality’s sake, IT professionals can consider anything that standard workload except for IIS as an easy workload.

“This isn’t always the case (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, and Remore Access are harder ti migrate than file servers) but functions are a good general rule,” he said.

With the easy and hard stuff list sorted out, Thomas said, you start working your way from the easy tasks to the harder ones.

The advantage of this method is that, even if you don’t hit your deadline, you would have likely migrated more computers to the newer system.

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