Cisco Systems Inc. new 16-slot Nexus 9516 and Nexus 9504 are the two newest additions to the company’s line of recently launched Nexus 9000 switches.

The 9516 is being marketed as an aggregation layer switch for service provider or high-demand deployments. It offers 576 wire–speed 40 Gbps Ethernet ports and 60Tbps of throughput. The gear takes up 21 RUs, supports 2,304 10G ports and uses 11 watts per 40G port.

The 9504 is being sold as a migration tool for core-aggregation-access to spine/leaf architectures. It takes up 7 RUs, supports 144 40G and 576 10G ports.


Both switches use two to four Cisco or Broadcom ASICs per line card.

Cisco also announced certification programs for its Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) programmable networking product line.

ACI is the company’s non-software defined networking alternative to the current SDN trend.

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