Cisco Catalyst 3560 v2 switch

Cisco Systems Inc. has raised the price of its older Catalysts switches by as much as 67 per cent in what some retailers say is an attempt to prod customers into upgrading to their network gear.

Products affected by the price hike include some Catalyst 3000, 40000 and 6000 switches as well as the Catalyst 6500 Supervisor 720, Catalysts 3750 and 3560 products. The price increases will take effect November 2.

The increase can be quite substantial , for example a Catalyst 6500 distributed forwarding card which was priced a $15,000 would now cost $25,000

Cisco said there will be no price increases new switches including Catalyst 2960-X, 3850, 4500E with Sup 8E and 6800.

Some resellers said that Cisco will at times resorts to this practices rather than end support for a popular product, according to an article in the online technology publication,

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