Upgrades to the latest version of Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) will enable users to execute faster data transfers to data warehouses and analysis applications. The new ODI 12c enables faster data workflow because it now has a direct connection with Oracle’s database replication tool, Oracle said.

Typically, customers using Oracle Corp.’s data integration software to extract data from multiple sources to feed data warehouses and business intelligence applications schedule the process during off hours in order not to slowdown database performance during peak hour usage.

The once-a-night approach to extracting data is a bummer for managers and analysts who require current data up to the hour. In order to accommodate hourly database queries some customers resort to using Oracle’s database replication tool GoldenGate 12c to get data from the database system as soon as it is updated and send it to ODI which sends it to the warehouse.

The new ODI 12c can execute more operations in parallel, which speeds up its performance time.

By formalizing the connection between ODI 12c and GoldenGate, Oracle enables developers with a set of controls for generating and managing GoldenGate operations without having to rely on a GoldenGate expert.

This minimizes the need for meetings between ODI administrators and GoldenGate administrators, Oracle said.

The declarative flow-based mapping feature on ODI 12c uses a visual flow model but does not require developers to manually update low-level configuration settings.

The updated software can also now work with Apache Hadoop and Oracle Warehouse Builder.

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