The 2014 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show has wrapped up, which means there’s no shortage of publications looking at what it all means.

The Wirecutter has put out what it calls a “realist’s guide” to CES, which is another way of saying its favorite gear that really will hit the market.

That means, for example, no Bluetooth toothbrushes (although according to BusinessWeek, apparently’s Marc Benioff touts how his toothbrush transmits data to his dentist) or Internet-connected ovens.

(Speaking of connected appliances, Peter Bright at Ars Technica has a column on why smart fridges and washing machines shown at CES may not be the boon many think)

At any rate, the Wirecutter team found some practical gems at the show including a two-disk Seagate portable backup drive, a combination battery pack and memory for an iPhone, and an upgraded Lenovo ultrabook.

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