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Sixteen months after acknowledging a huge data, breach Marriott Hotels says it has been stung again, this time after login credentials of two employees were used.
The MANRS initiative to encourage precise use of routing information and lower the opportunities for abuse by threat actors is expanding
A whistleblower unearths a new Saudia Arabia mass surveillance program, delivery workers are asking for better support during the pandemic, and streaming services are seeing record use.
It wasn’t that long ago when Dell's Pamela Pelletier brought in a third-party firm to run a workshop for her sales team, a common practice that led to an unexpected problem and left the national sales director for Dell...
Report outlines how APT41 started working 10 days after Citrix announced a bug and three days after one was found in another company's product
Today's podcast offers a range of tips for staying safe while working from home, plus reports on ransomware attacks and Apple operating system security updates
This might be a good time to work out a truce in the age-old battle between sales and marketing. There are a series of myths that keep sales and marketing from playing on the same team, said Fawn Annan, ITWC...
Social distancing ruins a group of hackers’ cyberattack plans, Zoom removes the code that sends data to Facebook after everyone pointed it out, and there’s no shortage of chatter about the increased strain the internet is experiencing right now.
The dramatic surge in internet usage amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the suspended CRTC wholesale pricing are making life difficult for smaller internet service providers (ISP), causing at least one to increase its broadband internet subscription cost. In an email...
The coronavirus has forced hospitals to fight an uphill battle on multiple fronts, and as they scramble to establish virtual healthcare solutions to minimize the strain on other resources, they’re becoming prime targets for hackers looking to capitalize on the chaos.