(Speakers and content subject to change)

8:00 am Registration (complimentary continental breakfast)

9:00 am Setting the Stage
Shane Schick (Moderator), Editor, CanadianCIO
Providing welcoming remarks and introductions, Shane will also present the objectives for the day and guide the audience through each of the sessions.

9:20 am Keynote
The New CMO: Engaging with Customers in the Digital Age
Matt Friedman, CMO, IBM Watson Group
Customer expectations have shifted. The proliferation of mobile, social, big data, and cloud has given rise to the digital consumer. The digital consumer expects to be engaged on their time, within their channels, and in context to their needs, and for organizations that can accomplish this there is tremendous value. Organizations that deliver effective engagements with their customers see stronger brand satisfaction, and increased top and bottom lines.

Today, marketing leaders sit at the heart of business strategy, and are taking on the hard work of “owning” the customer experience across the enterprise. These leaders are tasked with bringing together customer insight and understanding, while delivering effective omnichannel engagement – across social, mobile, and traditional channels. Technology has never been more essential to marketers, and employing breakthrough technology to know, engage, and empower customers across all channels is the new standard for success.

Matt Friedman, CMO of the IBM Watson Group, will speak on the shifting role of the marketing leader, and how new trends in technology such as cognitive computing are being put to work to address the ever growing issue of engaging the consumer in a digital age.

10:00 am Realities of Today’s CIOs and CMOs. 
This session includes a panel discussion among leading professionals as they share their take on the “new IT” – the mix of technologies that allow marketing to get to market sooner, understand the customer better, build the brand and drive growth. Panellists will discuss and share ‘collaboration’ experiences in selecting and deploying CRM, automation, social media, websites, analytics, and more with a focus on lessons learned.  Participants will have the opportunity to participate through Q&A.

11:00 am Collaboration:  The Tool for Achieving Business Objectives
Featuring two case studies from leading organizations, this session will explore how these particular professionals set about to collaborate together and how they achieved outstanding results in solving the challenge before them. This session provides for an active Q&A with audience members. Key among the challenges discussed will be how to overcome the limitations of organizational structure and skills as well as gaining an appreciation for the new dynamics.

12 noon Lunch

1:15 pm Who’s on First?  Educating Each Other.
This session commences with an overview of the decision-making frameworks for CMOs and CIOs respectively, highlighting shared and unique areas of concern as well as the elements for successfully winning over the C-Suite. Following this, participants will engage in facilitated round table ‘challenges’ with each table of attendees establishing a ‘joint’ collaborative decision-making framework to solve a specific business or marketing issue through a technology-enabled solution and a plan for obtaining C-Level buy-in. Plans will include consideration of what success will look, metrics, ROI and other business case benefits that support the customer-centric organization.

2:15 pm Models of Collaboration:  A three-legged race
In this session, facilitators from Session 2 round tables present on the proposed ‘joint decision-making frameworks’ and any additional challenges or success factors pertinent to achieving successful collaboration and ultimately, the customer-centric organization. Participants will gain insights into the various models and technologies and a deeper understanding of the concerns and hurdles to be overcome in making the right technology decisions – from influencing and working with other C-level executives to ensuring meaningful results.

3:15 pm KeynoteThe One-Brand Experience
A look at how technology facilitates customer acquisition and retention across the enterprise, helping to build the brand and providing for the ‘one brand’ experience across multiple platforms and channels to all stakeholders:  customers, employees, shareholders, and others.

4:00 pm Close