CMO CIO Interactions

Is your organization customer-centric? Are your technology choices helping to drive sustained growth or resulting in a fragmented approach to delivering on strategy?

In today’s digitally connected world, a huge opportunity exists for companies seeking to develop and sustain competitive differentiation. CIOs and CMOs who effectively collaborate on business and marketing objectives achieve more. They:

  • build stronger brands and attain higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • provide consistent, meaningful customer experiences across platforms
  • increase agility and speed-to-market
  • reduce the cost and resources expended
  • facilitate stronger employee engagement and create sustainable growth.

Attend this one-day conference to learn what it takes to lay the groundwork for effective collaboration and what the ‘alignment’ issues are, starting with understanding the different languages of the CIO and CMO. Hear first-hand from organizations that are aligned for growth.

Gain insights into decision-making models for jointly choosing the right technologies to achieve marketing and business goals and how to garner the support of the rest of the C-suite.