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2019 CanadianCIO Census

The CIO in the Age of Customer Experience

In the new age of technological innovation, enterprise IT has evolved from cost centre to service provider and revenue enabler. The CIO is becoming a key strategic player in a world where business success increasingly depends on rapid adoption and deployment of new technology. But this is not technology for its own sake. Organizations are looking for agility and new capabilities to deliver an outstanding customer experience. A big part of CIOs leading the charge is their ability and authority to articulate clearly how their initiatives are aligned and enabling business. As the new focal point for innovation, CIOs must understand in depth all business drivers, threats, and opportunities, and see all connections in between.

The 6th annual CanadianCIO Census, sponsored by OutSystems, has been released. Join ITWC CIO Jim Love and Nuno Borges, Director, Customer Research, Outsystems, as they review the results of the census in on demand webinar. 

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2018 CanadianCIO Census

Driving Corporate Vision in the Age of Digital Transformation

In a relatively short time, companies have gone from looking at digital transformation as an interesting but abstract concept to something that both disrupts and inspires enterprises to raise the bar on what they offer and how they offer it. With the emergence of DX as a powerful force shifting the fundamentals of business processes, the role of CIOs has shifted too. As the new 2018 CanadianCIO Census reveals, they increasingly have a role in driving business objectives, not just keeping the computers running. CanadianCIO Census report offers a glimpse into the lives and minds of Canadian CIOs — what they’re doing, what they’re planning, what they’re thinking … even what they’re fearing and/or hoping to resolve.

If you yourself are a CIO, this report can give you clarity, and allow you to measure what you’re doing and planning against what your peers are doing and planning

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2017 CanadianCIO Census

Taking the pulse of the CIO community
CA Technologies sponsors national survey

Ron Babin
Ryerson University

A CIO’s leadership skills are becoming just as important as their technological savvy.

That’s one of the trends uncovered in CIO as Innovation and Transformation Leader, the report from the CanadianCIO Census 2017. 

As more business undergo digital transformation, CIOs are increasingly being tapped to help lead the initiatives, not simply to support them,” says Jim Love, ITWC’s CIO and the lead author of the CanadianCIO Census report for the past four years. “They are involved in more C-suite discussions, they expect to have bigger budgets, and they plan to spend more of that budget on innovation than in previous years.”

For the first time, business innovation is one of the CIO’s top three day-to-day priorities. The report also found that customer expectations and the need to demonstrate innovation capabilities to both customers and employees were the main drivers of digital transformation efforts. 

“It’s a good year to be a CIO in Canada,” adds Ron Babin, a Ryerson University business professor who helped draft the report. “Hiring expectations are strong, the cloud appears to have delivered on its initial promise and CIOs are gaining seniority as they stay in the position longer.”

The research was sponsored by CA Technologies

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CanadianCIO Census 2016 Mapping Out the Innovation Agenda

The CanadianCIO Census 2016

Mapping Out the Innovation Agenda

The role of the CIO is evolving. They are top-level executives that are being asked to weigh-in at senior meetings about non-IT issues. At the same time, however, the business side of operations is gaining sway over the IT budget and successfully dictating IT purchase priorities. Day to day priorities include operational concerns like security, privacy, reliability and managing budgets, but a new priority is emerging; business innovation.

The CanadianCIO 2016 census is based on detailed survey results from more than 100 senior technology leaders. The 2016 report offers insights on issues ranging from stature and spend to challenges and the opportunities ahead.

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Press Release

CanadianCIO Census 2015: The Collaboration Imperative
CIOs who collaborate more effectively with other leaders and deploy more collaboration technologies are better able to demonstrate the value of IT, be viewed as a strategic part of the business, and respond more effectively to changing business priorities.
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CanadianCIO Census 2014

Key findings include:
Collaborating With Others is Increasingly Important – senior IT leaders play on a variety of teams, across functions, across organizations, and across the C-suite.

Playing Strong Offense and Defense is a Must – IT leaders highlighted the importance of being a strong two-way player, capable of increasing upside and reducing downside of risks and delivering on value, innovation and ROI.

CIOs Play to their Industries – aligning strategies and tactics by sector.

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