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St. John’s has faster internet than Toronto and Vancouver, says PCMag

Canada's regional ISPs beat major telcos in service speeds.

The bid for midband: 3,500 MHz 5G spectrum auction officially begins

This bid is on for the spectrum that will rocket 5G speeds to a whole new level.

The CRTC scrapped cheaper internet costs, so what should Canadians know?

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) recently struck down its wholesale pricing set in 2019 that would have reduced the cost of borrowing...

Expert says 6 GHz spectrum is ‘the biggest Wi-Fi advancement in 20 years’ for Canada

Canada has released the 6 GHz wireless spectrum for Wi-Fi 6E, devices are set to arrive in late 2021.

Canada unlocks more mid-band spectrum for faster 5G

Canada repurposes the 3,800 MHz band for 5G to improve service quality.

Qualcomm releases the Snapdragon 778G processor for performance midrange smartphones

Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 778G processor aims to deliver high-performance in the midrange.

Telus to invest $17 billion in Ontario’s network through 2024

Telus announces a CA$17 billion investment in Ontario and CA$9 billion in Quebec.

TCL throws in a free TV with the TCL 20 Pro 5G smartphone

Can't decide between a phone and a TV? Why not both?

Study says 33 per cent of Canadians unsatisfied with their mobile network speeds

Canada has the fastest mobile network speeds in the world, but some Canadians remain unimpressed by its performance.

Rogers expands connectivity program to more women’s shelters in Canada

Rogers hopes to connect more women experiencing domestic violence by providing free phones and plans.

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