Joel Marchildon and Anant Gadia

***Joel Marchildon is a Managing Director for the Canadian Public Sector at Accenture. His 25-year career has been spent assisting large Public Sector entities with their most important and ambitious transformation programs that often impact the core services that Canadians depend on for their well-being. In working on these projects, Joel’s goal is to help organizations take advantage of the latest innovations in technology and digital solutions to improve service delivery to Canadian citizens and businesses, while ensuring they make the most effective use of their resources. Originally from the shores of southern Georgian Bay Ontario, Joel has been in Ottawa since enrolling at the University of Ottawa in 1991. Joel is active in the community as a longtime supporter and volunteer with the United Way and several youth sport organizations. ***Anant Gadia is Managing Director, Strategy & Consulting for the Canadian Public Service at Accenture. Over the past decade, Anant has had the pleasure of partnering with public service organizations and financial institutions across Canada and the US in leading many enterprise digital strategy and transformation initiatives. This includes technology-powered business transformation, cloud strategy and transformation, as well as emerging technology and innovation accelerators. These transformations have driven enhanced experiences for citizens, customers, and employees. Over Anant’s career, he has focused on building and sustaining relationships with clients as a trusted transformation leader and partner throughout their digital journey and has found that being genuine, authentic, and transparent is critical to being a valuable advisor. Living in the Greater Toronto Area, Anant is passionate about the community in which he lives and works. He is involved in several corporate citizenship initiatives, including United Way / Giving campaigns, housing / homelessness initiatives, as well as social innovation and sustainability projects.

Articles by Joel Marchildon and Anant Gadia

The key ingredient to sustaining the virtual world

Best summarized as the gap between ‘the haves and have-nots’ in an increasingly technologically driven society, addressing the Digital Divide will be critical to supporting a society that clearly wants to perpetuate and expand virtual services.

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