Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Fake iPads from China ‘flood the market’

Retail websites - often in China - have started stocking knock-off iPads in the run-up to Christmas

GS1 Canada helps build online vaccine database

The supply chain standards organization has partnered with the Public Health Agency of Canada toward a central repository of vital information about vaccines licensed for use in Canada. The importance of the database to health care and supply chain workers

GS1 Canada Web tool cuts

The online collaborative system is introduced in Canada to help make supply chains in the transport industry more productive and green. How the site gives trucking companies a voice

GS1 Canada Web portal to hasten product recall

The Toronto-based supply chain standards organization launches a national recall system so manufacturers can more quickly communicate directly with retailers to pull affected products off store shelves. WITH VIDEO

Tales from an RFID pilot project

Shirley Arsenault talks about EPCglobal's transportation and logistics RFID program.


Thanks to some false starts, the jury is out on whether radiofrequency identification will remain a niche technology or have a role to play in data-gathering and decision-making processes

Vintage technology: Inside the LCBO

How IT powers the Liquor Control Board of Ontario

Manitoba tests IBM food traceability system

Food traceability is an emerging issue with talks to build a national food tracking system ramping up over the last few years. With the help of IBM, the province of Manitoba has unveiled a pilot traceability system aimed at tracking food from farm to fork

Cisco CIO a smooth operator

'My theory is that IT is all about moving around data,' says Rebecca Jacoby. Plus, why the smartest CIOs she knows come from a supply chain background

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Strategies for successfully reopening after COVID-19

Thoughtful executives will prioritize planning for fully reopening their organizations now that the COVID-19 pandemic is subsiding. The new normal will not be the old normal.


Security is everyone’s priority

By Dana Mitchell, Director, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft Canada Digital transformation, cloud computing and a sophisticated threat landscape are forcing everyone to rethink the roles...