Cyber Security Today, Friday Sept. 8, 2023 – Are boards and CISOs communicating, the latest ransomware data and more

This episode reports on the latest survey of boards on cybersecurity, and more 

Hashtag Trending Sep.8- ChatGPT traffic declines for third time in a row; LastPass breach linked to crypto thefts?; Google Chrome gets a makeover

ChatGPT traffic declines for the third month in a row. The LastPass security breach might be linked to recent major crypto thefts, Google Chrome...

Hashtag Trending Sep.7-Chinese hack targeting U.S. officials traced back to compromise of Microsoft’s engineer corporate account; Chinese government bans iPhone at work; Is your...

More information emerges on the Microsoft vulnerability that led to the compromise of high level U.S. government email accounts.  The Chinese government bans the...

Cyber Security Today, Sept. 6, 2023 – Advice on cyber insurance

This episode reports on what your organization might need to get and keep cyber insurance -- or whether you should self-insure by setting up a rigorous cybersecurity program

Hashtag Trending Sep 6- Microsoft experiences data center outage and chaotic recovery efforts; Teslas catch fire during floods; Zoom embraces AI in new features

A large Microsoft data centre has a “perfect storm” when its recovery plan falls apart.  Teslas catch fire during floods.  And the fastest growing...

Hashtag Trending Sep.5-USENET is back; Huawei launches its own chip; Twitter may train its AI models based on user posts

The old news host is back – nope, not talking about me. Huawei launches its own homegrown chipset in answer to the US embargo...

Cyber Security Today, Sept. 4, 2023 – Cybersecurity tips for parents as the new school year starts

This episode offers cybersecurity and privacy advice and links to websites for parents about to send their kids back to school

Cyber Security Today, Week in Review for the week ending September 1, 2023

This episode features discussion on International Women in Cyber Day, a Canadian cybercrime report, the takedown of the Quakbot bot and the attacks on Barracuda Networks' ESG email gateways

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